Mallorca 3-1 Mirandés: The Balearics have closer to return to Second

The survivors of the last descent forged the victory of a Mallorca that took a giant step to return to the silver category of Spanish football. Lago Júnior and Raíllo struck the first two hooks of a vermilion painting that increased the rent by means of Aridai in the second act. "I have no doubt that the tie will be decided in the return," said Vicente Moreno in the previous and was not wrong . Pito Camacho reduced distances with a goal that allowed Alfaro to fly back knowing that Anduva will have the last word.

Despite the experience, the tables in this type of games of many players who have played in First and Second Division and the 'favoritism' after being the best team of the 2B with 76 points, the Mirandés fit the first goal to lower the bus. A first class atmosphere, with a spectacular reception and a Son Moix up to the flag, led Sastre in bolandas just after the match began. The right-handed side stole in his field, combined with Salva Sevilla in the midfield, hurried to the end line and put a send to the far post that topped Lago Júnior with a breathtaking tranquility.Follow the best free apuestas en directo on the market.

In a clash with a lot of rhythm where both teams did not want to raffle the ball and tried to leave playing at all times, it had to be the vermilion marshal who gave pause and quality the game of a Mallorca that took over the game. In short, in length, horizontally and vertically, Salva Sevilla was the helm of Vicente Moreno's team, who soon completed their best version with the second goal. At the exit of a corner kicked by Salva Sevilla emerged in the Raíllo area to connect an unappealable header that celebrated with effusiveness and took delirium to the stands. "We are back", read a banner displayed in the pre-eminent days of the meeting. From then on the Mirandés sought to react through Cervero's mediation, which could reduce distances with foreshortening that forced Reina to intervene with a providential stop.

In the second act, the Mirandes took a step forward and put Mallorca in their field. Yanis, the best of the first part of Miranda de Ebro, sought again and again overflowing to the left while Cervero forced Reina to work twice. However, the inaccuracies and the fight prevailed over the control of the first part . However, a new defensive error threw overboard all the previous work of Alfaro. A play by the right side of Mallorca ended with a cross that Bustos chased in the far post and gave way back where Aridai appeared, totally alone in the small area, to finish with a chopped head and beat a Limones who could not do anything . In the final section he tried to accumulate more men in the Alfaro area and thanks to a center from the right Camacho appeared to finish the play, reduce distances and leave the tie completely open.